Is it time for Seether to take a chance?

So Seether are better known for front man Shaun Morgan's relationship with Evanescenes' Amy Lee, who is best known for lolling about skyscrapers in nighties, but let's put that aside, as well how annoyingly overplayed their duet was played on every musical TV station you could imagine. On songs like 'Remedy' and 'I'm The One' it becomes obvious how much this band want to sound like Nirvana. Morgan does have an uncannily similar voice to Cobain and his band don't run this into the ground at points I feel like I could be listening to outtakes from Nirvana's 'In Utero', no mean feat for any band. However, this method only keeps me interested for a short while. The songs have very little to differentiate themselves from each other and their influences vary very little, especially on songs like 'The Gift', I find that they falter by falling into the let's get sombre and try and write arena rock state of mind. Boys, this isn't the mid 90s, plaid isn't quite the done thing anymore the moment has passed and the genre already sublimated.

'World Falls Away' reminds me of the days when nu-metal was so in it hurt, you can hear bits of Limp Bizkit kicking about in there and though there is a gap for this kind of music here, I'm not quite sure it's one this band can fill. The latter half of the album seems to be more filler than anything else at this point, the stronger singles being at the beginning of the cd.

This album leaves me feeling somewhat unsure. I don't necessarily think Seether fulfilled the potential they have, all clearly good musicians there is growth from their previous less inventive CD but this one isn't quite strong enough to put them over the top and on to your must buy list. Keep and eye on them though, they might just find 'it' soon, until then pine for the upcoming Nirvana disc.