These guys are B-bomber axe men!

Melodies and Metal may seem strange partners but Undertow manage to achieve this through their excellent use of head banging drum and bass lines, shot through with good vocals.

‘One More Day’, the first track on the demo, leads you into ‘Divisions’ a heavier and darker number. With ’E-Motion’, after a whirlpool start, the guys open up with B-bomber axes that only stop to reload so they can drop out of the sky at you on a voyage of glorious destruction. ‘Indifferent’ is not for the fainthearted; hard at first to figure this one out, it’s one of those songs has the ability to disturb you.

Moving on to….BLAM! ‘State of disease’ hits you around the head. Although the vocals do stray a little to begin with, they’re soon back on track for this ground shaker much like ‘Unnamed’ and ‘Anyway You Want. But in ‘Goodbye C.W.’ the vocals do stray and don’t sit with the guitars.

The final track ‘Better Than Me’ starts with a display of passionate axes and disciplined drums, but the number disappears into itself. However the sound is resurrected to close it out. This is a number that is a bit frustrating, but overall Undertow achieve their goal- to let loose several mighty bombs on the unsuspecting public.