I wore Glitter to impress

Oh, my God. I swear I know this song already. I've heard it everywhere. It's regurgitated and it's like a low rate Lostprophets/Guns 'n' Roses mixed breed. I thought the Glitterati fell off the face of the earth once the hype didn't quite take off, but I guess people didn't learn the first time around. This song 'Back In Power' is just so bland and dull, elevator background music rock they play in romantic comedies to give a pinnacle moment an 'edge'. This is just so repetitive and regurgitary, I feel like I've taken crazy pills and I'm beginning to slur. If we were talking in teen drama terms - this is the One Tree Hill to the OC, it will always be less appreciated because the bar has already been set, try and jump, it doesn't help, try throwing in a hipper soundtrack or a celebrity appearance, it does not work.

The second track 'When the Money Runs Out' gets less interesting. It tries to take on more of a glam rock we-are-so-very-eccesive-like-in-a-total-Motley-Crue-type-way-no-really-we're-serious attitude. No dears, the 80s are over. Remember the Darkness? Not a good moment in musical history, you can sing, you can play but don't try and claw at the past and it's been done and perfected. All things considered this band had hype for being different at the time, but the moments passed, Motley Crue had their comeback, heck, even Bon Jovi's back again, so either wait it out for round three or quit making songs like this while you're, ahem, ahead...