Not a tribute to the hilarious sitcom starring Ronnie Corbett, more's the pity. Instead what we get with the Paddingtons latest single is a curious beast. It's an adequate few minutes of Garage punk. Yep, that's what you'd call it, adequate. Not that it's bad by a long chalk, I've heard much, much worse, believe me. It's got energy, guitars and drums; it's just missing a spark of originality. There's really nothing particularly special about it. A truly lacklustre effort.

The Hull five-piece has done more innovative stuff than this. It doesn't live up to the promise of last years double A-sided single '21' and 'Some Old Girl'.
Hopefully the next one will see them back on track

It's being released as a CD and two different 7" singles, with each format containing exclusive b-sides.

CD: Sorry/All Alone (Live Demo)
7" x 1: Sorry/ Mr Cracker
7" x 2: Sorry