Galaxies Away

This track comes from Laura's recently released album 'Year Of Meteors', which is according to the lady herself, a road album. Everything on the album is about motion. Apparently.

The song 'Galaxies' is really more like anti gravity. Reflecting itself in the lyrics, it floats off into its own enthralling velvet universe and dives down into the silken depths of a vast ocean.

It's a poetic anthem that you can easily get lost in. It has a fluid liquidity seldom heard in modern songs. Its vivid imagery haunts you in the whispers of a memory.
She strikes one as Joni Mitchell's quieter less angsty sister (probably drinks decaf). Her's is a rare talent for conveying emotion in such a short journey. However, there is a version with a wholly unnecessary rap in the middle eighth by 'Kotos The Rock Thrower'. I suppose it's for people of a short attention span, who'd go and switch the telly on if left on their own for any length of time.