Excellent off-kilter debut from Essex quintet

If you haven’t heard of Lamb Quartet, by the time you’ve heard this record then you will be singing their praises. After touring with fellow Brits Hundred Reasons and Capdown, their debut is hotly anticipated as their live shows.

The opening track “Not You Again” is a bass driven blast with sublime power chords with intense melodic vocals. “Bully Song” is a mixture of mathcore madness and ska-driven rhythm. “I’ve Got A Lot of Explaining To Do” starts off with a pop-punk intro before launching into spastic vocals and as many tempo changes as System Of A Down or Dillinger Escape Plan. “That’s Why” is easy going pop-punk skank-along similar to Less Than Jake without the horns.

Is there anything to criticise about this energy driven opus? For one thing it shoots off in so many different directions you can’t be sure what direction Lamb Quartet are following. Is it metal? Is it punk? Or is it a completely different animal altogether. They do however take eclectic elements to commercial levels without making the listener wondering what on earth is going on.

This album is for those who want heavy melodic pop punk driven hardcore and who find emo too patronising. If any critics of the independent scene listened to this album, it would probably shut them up. Great debut, from a promising group with stacks of potential.