Dull. Polish. Grind.

Have you ever walked around a street corner and unexpectedly been kicked in the throat? Probably not, but if it happened to you, it would most likely remind you of this album.

Polish grindsters, Antigama have finally returned since 2002 with their third full-length album entitled 'Zeroland'. Clocking in at around twenty five minutes the band show no remorse and drag you into an insane grindcore frenzy that immediately makes you think 'Where's the off button when you need it?'.

What can you say about an album that is as brief and dull as 'Zeroland'? Not a fantastic deal to be honest, but this writer will do his best.

This album is a dull slab of Grindcore, desperately trying to give off the image of legends of the scene such as Pig Destroyer but genuinely failing. Each track is a prime example of what modern, extreme music should not sound like. At times, you can't help but think it's no different to any other modern grindcore band. The production is somewhat poor, the guitars sound overly fuzzy, the drums are too low in the mix, and the absence of Bass is frightening. It is hard to throw a brick nowadays without hitting a Napalm Death clone, and sadly, among those clones, Antigama do not stick out.