Catchy, Sharp Indie Pop

Seeing Scarlet are a gloriously rich and lascivious London band ready to unleash their debut single upon the UK. 'Ugly Girl' is a stunning, multi-layered frenzy of compelling tunes, longing indie vocals, thrashing guitars with a twinkling tinge of jangly anthemic glamour. The vocals could be somewhere between Bowie and Morrissey, which is an impressively charismatic combination and they certainly evoke similar feelings of passion for the music. Tightly produced and cranked up ready to rock out; Seeing Scarlet are definitely onto something special and exciting with this double a-side.

The second part of this catchy treat 'Never Good Enough' has a vibrant punk chorus of vocals ahead of a foreboding and sleek guitar part that sounds like a trip through the darkest, most underground corners of the city. It builds up into a sweltering peak of edgy, sharp sound that still manages to keep a sense of class despite the driving force.

Seeing Scarlet are certainly full of promise and as a smaller band, definitely one to watch out for in the coming year.