HIM Get Back On Track

HIM are still riding their gothic-pop wave of success with a smile on their faces. And why not- since at their disposal is a whole ocean of teenage fan-girls willing to buy any single, DVD or album that the Finnish band throw their way. Perhaps that's an overly harsh statement- For HIM believe they're a band who are slightly above simply writing for the sake of money. This is a band, who as everyone will now know, marry traditional rock and metal influences with the kind of dark, melodic beauty that spans generations and genres. HIM, in reality, have a far more diverse crowd than lovesick teenagers- their live performances draw a crowd of both young and old. Perhaps the back row of the venue is filled with parents who are going to drive home at least three of the youngsters down the front after the show, but it doesn't mean they can't enjoy the music as well.

'Vampire Heart' shows the reasons behind this clearly. It's a step back in time through their catalogue to the time when 'Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights' was newly released. It's a soft yet powerful song that swiftly moves in for the kill on your heartstrings and simply won't let go. There's enough going on in the song to ensure that the playing time of just over four minutes thirty isn't given begrudgingly. Overall, it's not a stunning single, but it's certainly proof that HIM are stepping up their game and are intent on shaking off the negative comments they attracted after the appalling, drunken live shows put on for recent albums. Let's face it- Ville and co are never going to write another 'Lose You Tonight' or 'Right Here In My Arms', but they're getting closer to their former glory with tracks such as 'Vampire Heart'.