Bright Indie Pop

Big catchy riffs and feel good hooks seem to be what 'Maybe I Should' is built on, the vocals inject a down to earth honesty into this bright indie tune. The electric pulse of the guitars gets the whole song moving, behind a pulsating tambourine and when the bass gets a chance to show off a little, it proves to have a very resonant rhythm that pushes the pop boundaries. The tune is a little repetitive, but it's a good melody that you don't really mind whirring round your head on repeat for a while.

'Strange Little Girl' is in my opinion the more interesting tune, it's a curious acoustic number that has a slightly unsettled feel and dances along like a folk melody down a back street in the pouring rain. Very minimalist and fragile, it's a more aurally interesting number than 'Maybe I Should' and certainly sparks up more feeling in its reticent wistfulness.

'Maybe I Should' is a strong, positive slice of the current indie/pop cake and will probably do well on the radio and even in the charts, however if you want something a little more original and interesting, check out the b-side, 'Strange Little Girl'.