There is some hope, just not a lot.

With a name as downbeat as (No Hope) Astronaut and a stated dislike of genres and fashionable haircuts, it would be hoped that the songs on the band's debut single would suggest they have more to offer than the latest hyped effort.

On lead track 'Bipolar' the drums are at the fore and the guitars are chunky and loud. It's a sound that has been mined relentlessly before and when the limp, slightly weedy vocals come in, the song fails to establish itself quickly. The sing does riff and chug along at a fair pace but after repeated listens there is not much that is memorable in it, although the quiet section does help break the song up.

'Satellite' is a more restrained affair with the drums and vocals swapping places in the mix. There is the feel of Mansun to the song with the muted pace and slightly pushed but chiming vocals. As a song, it is more impressive than the lead track but again, it fails to impact on the listener much and the song meanders to its end without giving any great hope for the band.

It's a slow steady start for (No Hope) Astronaut from which hopefully the band can develop itself.