Tantalising tranquilliser, soft and air-like, Zillionaire are here to soothe

'La Femme d'Argent'-like entrance (Air of course) and into this nice serene little song about an absent friend. The band are like a chilled-out acoustic Chikinki with under and overtones of that popular new sound which is sweet and relaxed and soothing, and pioneered by the likes of Aberfeldy and The Boy Least Likely To et al.

Coming out as a download-only single this should have web-surfers at their knees with the feeling of a languid and lush caress rippling though their soul. Quiet and lovely and smoothed cool with soft rounded edges this a song to take you to different stratospheres of relaxation by its very presence in your brain.

And that's where it will get stuck for the next few hours, yeah it's a good little piece of catchy tune-churning with the ability to quieten a busy head with its tranquil sensibility and soft reminiscent feel. An autumnal hue and placid sound, Zillionaire will have you in a meditative hypnosis in no time.