A perfect example of modern folk pop

After the success of this year's album 'JackInABox' modern folk-pop heroes Turin Brakes return with the special release of 'The Red Moon E.P.'

While tracks like 'Jet Trail' and 'Love Is All You Deserve' mark the band's return to a more stripped-down and soulful approach to music, the E.P also brings together two previously unreleased tracks: an unplugged version of the album track 'Red Moon' and a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' classic 'Breaking the Girl', recorded during one of their American radio sessions.

'Red Moon' sets the standard with spine-tingling harmonies that ripple alongside jangly acoustic guitar and shuffling snare drum beats, while warm slide guitar gives the track gentle country twang. 'Jet Trail' and 'Love Is All You Deserve' are both similarly beautiful and equally simple in their stripped-down approach. Unless you have a heart of stone there's no escaping the duo's touching emotional intensity, captured so poignantly by their uncomplicated but effective lyrics and heartbreaking vocals. Finally, Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Breaking the Girl' is given the quietcore once over, and to great effect; intense, heartfelt and just a little raw, their take on the song is made to sound impressively majestic with piano and gentle drum beats.

Overall, 'The Red Moon E.P.' is a perfect example of how modern folk-pop should be done; whether you're a fan of acoustic music, or of the quietcore stylings of bands like Coldplay and Starsailor, you won't be disappointed.