Glowing harmonies and catchy pop melodies, as indie meets Americana

Perhaps it was swapping the everyday-drudgery of Dundee for the sunnier, slightly more glamorous setting of Cadiz that gave such gorgeous warmth to the indie-pop meets Americana stylings of Scottish quartet The Hazey Janes. Either way, their first full-length L.P, 'Hotel Radio' positively glows.

'Always There' opens the album, giving a short, punchy introduction to what is to come, as the catchy, laidback melodies and layered vocal harmonies fuse perfectly with indie guitar and alt-country vocals. The upbeat 'Moaning Face' continues the beautiful harmonies, but accentuates the Americana influence with its country-esque drawl and bar room sway, before the equally catchy and up-lifting 'Fire In The Sky' brings a smile to your face.

'Your Enemy' stands out as one of the album's best tracks, leaning towards a more indie sound with its driving guitar and instantly familiar catchy pop melodies, while 'This Place Is Just Not My Kind' and 'Baby Tell Me' slow the pace slightly with their simple, pretty style. 'Don't Look Away' is slightly more hazy, with its huge layered harmonies and Beach Boys influenced vocals, that are even more pronounced in the easy-going pop sway and bobbing bass line of 'Get Down'. Finally, 'Saturday' returns to the more modern sounds of The Magic Numbers, with its laid-back melody and more glowing vocals, before the slower, gentle melancholy and picked acoustic guitar of 'Katie Goes'.

The Scottish quartet received warm praise for their eponymous mini-album in 2004, and 'Hotel Radio' is sure to earn them some more. Mixing glowing harmonies, with gorgeous pop melodies and seamlessly blending indie and Americana, fans of The Thrills, The Magic Numbers and The Beach Boys will surely be in their element with the glorious pop sensibilities of 'Hotel Radio'. Catch The Hazey Janes promoting the album on tour in January.