Up beat, delightfully catchy, and definitely a lot of fun

The Spinto Band was supposedly inspired by band member Nick Krall's grandfather, Roy Spinto, who Krall discovered had penned a number of songs on the inside of Cracker Jack boxes; excited by his find Krall enlisted the talents of the other five members, and The Spinto Band was born. Or so the story goes.

Eight years and seven self-released albums later and the double A-side 'Mountains'/'Brown Boxes' marks the band's first UK release, providing a great introduction to the band's indie-pop/rock sound.

'Mountain' opens with bursts of driving indie guitar and an instantly singable old-fashioned sway, bound up with catchy pop sensibilities and a voice that could almost be a more up-beat version of Razorlight's Johnny Borrell.

'Brown Boxes' is a little less conventional in its sound, beginning with what sounds suspiciously like a kazoo, alongside marching drum beats and twinkly xylophone, before developing into the kind of quirky melody you would expect of Weezer or Eels.

Up beat, beautifully catchy and definitely lots of fun, The Spinto Band have already caused a stir in the UK, receiving recognition from NME and airplay from Radio One's Zane Lowe. This is surely a band you'll be hearing a lot more of.