Babyshambles- Albion

Pete Doherty is probably better known for his tabloid shenanigans, then his band Babyshambles. However they did get around to releasing an album and Albion is the third single from it.

Albion is supposedly the first song that Doherty ever wrote it got revived by The Libertines and now its risen from the dead again with the help of Babyshambles. It is one of Babyshambles better songs; it has more of an acoustic feel to it. It shows a softer side to Pete's vocal style somehow oozing sincerity, well that's when you can actually understand what he's saying.

Doherty sounds vulnerable in this song, maybe it's because he's worried what people will make of Pete Doherty the songwriter compared to the person we see splash across the tabloids practically everyday, but I think most people will agree that this is the side of Pete we would rather see.