Fizzgig - You Can't Have Me

Fizzgig have been called one of America's most exciting new bands; they have already completed a sell out tour on our fine shores but now they release their debut single over here, "You Can't Have Me".

You Can't Have Me is a fine piece of pop punk guaranteed to capture the hearts of Bowling For Soup fans, it's full of catchy lyrics and edgy but melodic guitar riffs and a cracking drumbeat.

Star Tonight follows the same principle, although this song has a stronger beat and is faster paced. But in true punk pop tradition you know they chorus the second time it comes round. This is the type of song you can imagine coming across even better live with the crowd going wild.

The final song on this release is In It, it's a CD Rom only track, which seems odd as there isn't a video to accompany it. Still it's a well-put together piece of power pop and well worth a listen.