She may not know what she wants, but she needs a sack full recognition for this soulful track

Helen Boulding, an acclaimed and well-established song-writer in her own right, whose credits include co-writing songs for Annie Lennox, Shakespear's Sister and Natalie Imbruglia, is releasing the single that should gain her all the praise and following she is well-deserving of on the 30th of January. 'I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know What I Need' is the powerful and pushy pop punch that will rocket this songtsress into stratospheres heady and appraised.

It's got a classic feel to it, alike to Natalie Imbruglia (alas, we know the reason for that) and to Alanis Morisette, that gripping and inescapable hold that comes with a persuasive husky vocal, a big drum beat and a flowing mould that builds and builds and you follow to regions you imagined unimaginable at the start of the track.

Second song 'Hazel Eyes' comes via the help of Richard Wright from Pink Floyd and Chris Difford from Squeeze, you can certainly hear Wright's influence in the tranquil piano and you are left waiting for it all to build up into the 'Great Gig In The Sky.' It's pulled off well with Boulding's vocal track coming across like a sad jazz singer draping herself over the piano and reeling off the words soulfully. The other B-side 'I've Nothing Left To Give' is a bit more bluesy and rocky and electric, but doesn't quite match the A.

It doesn't quite compare to the indelible charm of Imbruglia's 'Torn', which is a damn shame given the circumstances, and it won't make as big an impression or leave such a dent in the charts, but the talent behind the aforementioned song is definitely very present in this tune and it's well worth giving a listen at least...