Another huge single from the band that can do no wrong...

'Talk' marks the third single to be taken from the band's multi-platinum third album, 'X & Y', and to be honest, reviewing this single almost feels like a rather futile exercise. Despite the fact that Coldplay irritate me beyond belief, the rest of the world seems to disagree, having taken the Brit-rock quartet firmly to their hearts.

And listening to 'Talk' it's instantly clear that their time at the top is far from over. Borrowing the riff from Kraftwerk's 'Computer Love', the single soars into life in a surprisingly upbeat fashion, before a searching, stripped down verse of atmospheric keyboards and intense ticking beats gives way to an inspiringly passionate, uplifting chorus of chiming guitars.

There's left to say, other than 'Talk' doesn't waver from Coldplay's distinctive sound, and continues to up hold their high standards. Without a doubt, this is bound to be another huge single for a band that can do no wrong.