I should coco...

Brighton four-piece The Kooks precede the release of eagerly anticipated debut album "Inside In / Inside Out" with their highly derivative but surprisingly enjoyable new single "You Don't Love Me". A vast improvement on their last effort the pedestrian "Sofa Song" this spunky piece of Britpop recalls "I Should Coco" era Supergrass if they'd overdosed on The Kinks sixties back catalogue.

Livelier than a bunch of teens on a vodka Red Bull bender it careers along on a wave of fuzzed up guitars and edge of your seat drumming threatening to literally fall apart at any minute. Frontman Luke Pritchard has even ditched the irritating Borrell-isms of singles past for a more throaty rasp this time out. While it may not be the most original single you'll hear this year, the chorus of this jaunty number is sure to ingrain itself in your memory. So will these indie also-rans become ones to watch in 2006? The jury's still out but the case for is looking stronger by the day.