Groovy Gleeful Vibes

Opening to a wonderful mixture of orchestral strings, futuristic sound effects and generally spunky noise, 'Ladyflash' has a gorgeously spiky but bouncy rhythm that gets into your head even before the hip-hop vocals kick in. Spontaneous-sounding and funky, the vocals add to the montage feel of the tune, with different layers of instruments and styles all pushing their boundaries and swirling into each other to create an energetic, buoyant pop vibe. It carries a sort of enriched retro chic in the sampled strings and scratching but still manages to sound modern and very trendy.

The Kevin Shields Mix of 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike' that also graces the single is a very upbeat, laidback affair that really brings out the interaction between the band's vast array of members. It's a sunny, mellow tune that beats the worst of the winter blues, while being a little more mild and less offbeat than 'Ladyflash'.

The Go! Team are certainly providing a well-needed dose of funky, jangly pop in this bleak season of winter ballads and good luck to them!