Jake Searson - Concretes and streetlamps

Jake Searson has been grafting on the gig circuit for a number of months and starts 2006 by unleashing his debut single. It's release marks a notable milestone in his career but also his life as it comes a year after a car crash which could have been so much worse for him than it actually was.

The lyrics of 'Concrete and Street Lamps' are inspired by this unforgettable moment. The power and aggression in the music mirrors the determination to get the best out of the day-to-day existence that those experiencing such life changing experiences often show. That and a childhood musical diet of the Clash and Sex Pistols.

The song itself manages to be both familiar and refreshing at the same time. Familiar in that it's not going to revolutionise rock n' roll and is nothing new, but refreshing in it's energy and simplicity as it isn't trying too hard to be anything that it's not.

The B-side 'When Butterflies Collide' shows his softer side. It's one of those perfectly harmless, unremarkable rock ballads which are oh so fashionable to include for the lighter moments within gigs.

This single is available through Tidelines records on either CD or download. His debut album is called 'Truth and Lies', more of the same will do nicely, thanks!