Charmed I'm sure

Hailing from the West coast of Scotland, No1 Son have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, they are already selling out gigs and are no doubt looking to bring their music to a wider audience through their involvement here. I'm in two minds about No1 Son, they are so utterly inoffensive with their lightweight, feel good song ('27') that it's hard to do anything but take it for what it is and like it! It's melodic and simple and I suppose it does it's job, to take the other extreme however it could be argued that it's devoid of energy, lack lustre on the vocal front and little more than throw away pop pap! Make up your own mind, I can't decide, there's nothing to dislike here but nothing to get excited about either.

My Luminaries tumbled out of Kingston University a couple of years ago and they may well be onto something. 'All I Really Want' is an up beat jolly little number and hey it's not bad, a fairly standard riff but it has a nice energy and feel about it, again it's a long way from bursting with aggression but it has a certain something. I've seen them described as 'charming rock'n'roll' and that just about sums them up nicely. Fair play to them for doing something just a little different, they could well be one to watch out for this year.