Lunar Mile Prove They Can Go The Distance

'I Know' is a poppy rock track from new act Lunar Mile that wastes no time in launching into a full charging riff before the vocals of Toni-Marie calmly slide in to change the mood of the track.

The female vocals rise above the crunching backing track and reverb. For a band currently creating a media fuss with their heavy shows, there is a commercial edge to the vocals and choruses, which is sure to find them a fan base when they eventually settle on a record company.

There is an impressive mid-song breakdown where the melodies spiral down and the backing vocals ping around before coming back into the repeating guitar workout.

The lyrics focus upon another relationship break-up, break up down but theres no real spite or menace to the song, just a matter of factness and it whizzes by the listener quite quickly, encouraging a repeated listen.

No doubt a favourite during their live shows, 'I Know' stands as a decent calling card from a new band to signal their intent.

With a combination that rock and metal fans adore, zippy guitar riffs and sassy female vocals, 'I Know' showcases a band that is aware of the expectations placed upon and look ready to meet the challenges that face them.

To listen to the single now, or to buy a copy for 89p visit www.overplay.com/lunarmile.