Dark hardcore intensity meets passionate, catchy melodies

'Truth and Lies' is the highly anticipated single from nineteen year-old Jake Searson following the success of his debut, 'Concrete and Street Lamps'.

Described as 'a bitter commentary on the superficial nature of modern society', and 'a morose tale of unrequited love, loss and death', 'Truth and Lies' doesn't exactly sound like a barrel of laughs; but opening with a dark, yet up-tempo beat, the track mixes equal measures of shadowy, mysterious melody with crushing guitar riffs and smashing cymbals, which contrast beautifully with Searson's smooth wail.

However, the real beauty of this single comes with the addition of the exclusive album track, 'When Butterflies Collide'. A longer and heavier track with rougher, more striking vocals from Searson, before coming to a close some soaring, rather epic guitar work. The climbing electric guitar riffs found here create the kind of sound that could easily be found in a My Chemical Romance song and could certainly appeal to fans of Hardcore and Emo rock with its mix of passionate intensity and catchy melody.

With a surprisingly good single that far exceeds expectations, and at just nineteen years old, Jake Searson is one young musician who is definitely worth keeping an eye on.