Creating Dance That Rocks

This is another one of those dance records which backs up the argument that, if you scratch below the surface and hunt a bit deeper beyond what makes it onto daytime radio and music TV you can find some really interesting stuff. If you like Junior Jack, Mylo or Basement Jaxx then there's every chance this will get your boat afloating.

MSTRKRFT, pronounced Masterkraft is the creation of Jesse F Keeler and AL-T, the former being from Death From Above 1979. They have been working together for a number of years, putting their remixing skills to good use turning some of alternative rock's finest into club classics, the Kills and Bloc Party are just two who have benefited from this treatment. 'Easy Love' is the pairs debut single and is available as a 12" via Last Gang Records.

If Death From Above were hard rock to dance to, then this is a dance track which certainly rocks. It has the vocal feel and overall air of early eighties electro new romantic music, but still manages to sound as if it belongs in the heart of the cooler side of dance music in 2006. The drum sound is reminiscent of that which you'd find on the Mylo album 'Destroy Rock n' Roll,, 'In Your Arms' the one which springs to mind most readily. The vocals have that characteristic electronic robotic sound which is often used in dance music, Daft Punk is a good example, and the keyboard hooks should have hands in the air in clubs across the world.

Were the plan for this track to be to take it from the clubs and turn it into a major hit it would need to be given something extra as it lacks the grab factor, but as a Dancefloor filler this is up there with the best.