Zero Cipher fail to make the most of their potential

With a host of good reviews, I was curious in trying out Zero Cipher and their eclectic style, which can truly only be called 'alternative' or 'experimental', however I was sorely disappointed. Whilst Zero Cipher in their latest album 'Diary Of A Sadist' have all the ingredients for a mighty mix, the musical cake they've produced simply doesn't taste too good. 'Diary Of A Sadist', whilst it shows quality, as we shall see, simply fails to capitalise on the strengths of the genres it is clearly influenced by.

Musically, Zero Cipher are noisy, there is no other word for their sound which is constantly, well, noisy and varied. With moments of rock, hardcore, metal and even some sections that sound almost techno such as in 'Single White Female' and 'Death Of A Porn Star' you certainly get a veritable tour package of different alternative genres in 'Diary Of A Sadist'. It is hard therefore to pick the "heavy" song, the "light" song, the "experimental" song, as each track showcases a bit of this

Like the music, the vocals are a mixed bag of styles, each with a varying level of success. A fully competent set of almost-black-metal screeches and death metal grunts are somewhat spoilt by hardcore whines and weird distorted cries. Indeed the vocals almost characterise the album, an album of missed opportunities. When this album is good, the musical elements work well together and it is genuinely highly enjoyable, however within seconds it can then be utterly contrasted with a style, that whilst varied and "wacky", is really not of any interest or enjoyment to me. On the flipside to this, someone who enjoys this style would find what I have praised above probably just as boring and distracting. Indeed this album, in trying to do everything, will probably fail to please anyone but the most broad of alternative music fans.

Unfortunately, unless you're truly interested in something that really, isn't that amazing, you would have to be something of a masochist to part with your cash for 'Diary Of A Sadist' when you consider the many other, superior albums coming out this springtime. Whilst trying to please everyone, Zero Cipher will fail to truly satisfy anyone.