Simplistic pop you'll either love or hate...

If you like your music simple and honest, then The Research could well be the band for you, as you can't get much more simple than the two-minute and thirty-seven seconds of 'Lonely Hearts Still Beat the Same'.

The track is described by vocalist and keyboard player Russell, as a song about 'trying to touch the ghost of past loves, [...] mind over matter and the mechanics of muscles', and certainly, the emotive lyrics are touching, and there is something very endearing about the sweetness of the pretty female vocals. However, The Research appear to be the kind of band whose sound will provoke two possible reactions: either you'll find their vamped keyboard chords and basic drumbeats all slightly ridiculous, or you'll fall hopelessly in love with their very down-to-earth approach to music and their simplistic style. If it's the latter, check out their recently released debut album, 'Breaking Up', released 27th February.