Promising Start

Sangreal are a four-piece Indie band from Plymouth, who despite only being together since the summer of 2005, are already making a huge impact in their local music scene.

The band's influences are split between the sixties and seventies rock of the likes of the Who and Led Zeppelin, and the mid nineties alternative guitar music led by Oasis and Stereophonics. Of all of those the only thing which can be spotted from the music on this band's demos is the vocal influence of Mr. Liam Gallagher.

With most demos, this including, it is impossible to get a full idea of what a band sounds like, but instead merely an indication of what they could become were they to get the benefit of a multi million pound studio.

'What Am I Gonna Do' would work well as the lead track on a single or EP, as it is a mid tempo, easy on the ear, perfectly accessible Indie track. Depending on what direction they wanted to take this track were it to be polished up, it could work equally well as a heavier, more rock driven song, or the softer style of a band such as Snow Patrol.

Sangreal have built a strong live following in Plymouth, and like many an up and coming band have a growing fanbase on MySpace. Check out their page at