Icey Joy Division-a-likes

Fade To Sepia invoke Joy Division's deep vocal intonations and collision of militant guitars on the mechanical 'Fashion'. The distance of the restrained vocals contrast with the impassioned percussion and guitars to create an interesting feel. The production is very minimal, this presumably reflects the freshness of the band, but it also suits the spontaneous, experimental style.

'Dignified' has some winding discordant guitars, which slip between the vocals like adders, the disconnected style is very interesting, but likely to make Fade To Sepia an acquired taste.

The most widely accessible track is perhaps and last b-side, 'Summertime Is No Laughing Matter' with a chiming guitar riff and versatile bass line.

If you like straight-faced vocals, sharp guitar riffs and a deviation from the usual generic frameworks, give Fade To Sepia a try.