Dancing in the streets

The new single from French popsters "Tahiti 80" may be about as fashionable as David Dickinson at After Skool Club but hell we here at Room Thirteen don't care much for the fickle tastes of the fashionista set so we absolutely adore "Big Day". The first single to be taken from the band's forthcoming new album "Forsbury", it's the most perfect slice of seventies pop music you'll hear all year. Over shimmering synths, percussion that makes you move your feet move and slick, concise funk guitar Xavier Boyer croons in a sweet falsetto "Come and get it, come and get it now, there's a big day waiting for you". The single is backed by a number of remixes from the likes of Whomadewho and Booka Shade but when the original is so good these are really just added extras. Roll on the release of a new album which will surely soundtrack summer 2006.