The tried and tested works

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

A principal which runs true with 'Nature's Law', the new single from Embrace.

Sometimes when a band brings a new single out having taken a break to work on their next album, if it's following a familiar path then they're accused of "same old same old". I can understand how this might be the case with Embrace, but for me this hits the spot perfectly in a way which only the Yorkshire band's piano based, catchy Indy pop can.

The track opens with the typical piano intro that characterizes many of their hits, continues through verses which are melodic and easy on the ear, building up to an uplifting chorus that will aid this track in becoming a live sing-along favourite.

Since their return following the music career equivalent of a mid-life crisis, Embrace have become a bigger, better and bolder band. The Chris Martin penned 'Gravity' was simply magic, the anthemic 'Ashes' is a stunner, and having heard one new track during their V set last August which, at that point was planned for the next album, it seems that this time they're back for the long hall.

'Nature's Law' is out on March 20th, with the album 'A New Day' following a week later. One of this summer's must see tours will be when Embrace do what Madness did last year and play a series of forest gigs.