Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard seems to be attracting more interest in his private life (he's allegedly dating telly pop 'babe' Fearne Cotton Tabloid Gossip Ed.) than the rather fine music being purveyed by his band of young whippersnappers at the moment.

Therefore it must be a relief to finally have a new single out in the form of "Nave" an inoffensive, upbeat ska-pop number. Its jaunty tone is a perfect antidote for the distinctly un-Spring like weather that seems to have enveloped the nation at present. The production is smooth and the playing is tight but "Nave" sounds like mere filler and not quite the bona fide hit single the band will be hoping for. When the excellent "See The World" and "I Want You Back" are crying out for a single release Virgin's decision to release one of the weaker tracks from the band's surprisingly good debut album (Inside In / Inside Out) seems rather perplexing. This is by no means a bad record but it is perhaps one for the hardcore fan only.