British indie with an eclectic twist

Larrikin Love may have come to life in various bars and venues in the capital, yet the band are adamant that they are more than simply 'another London band'. Previous releases from Larrikin Love in 2005 (their debut 'Six Queens/Little Boy Lost' and 'Happy As Annie') had been very limited 7 inch releases, yet fresh from their debut headline tour of the UK, the band are set to cause a stir with their third single on Infectious Records, 'Edwould' in anticipation of a full-length album later this year.

From the outset of 'Edwould' it is startlingly clear that Larrikin Love have not been content to let current indie trends shape their sound and instead have cast their net much further afield in search of inspiration, seeing them compared to everything from Morrissey to The Pogues. What could have become simply another jangly indie number is given a cheeky twist by coupling spangly off-beat stop-start rhythms with a Bohemian folk tinged sound, and sees electric guitar solos being coupled with screeching fiddle.

'Edwould' certainly captures the essence of a band that have been described as 'a travelling carnival'; with its infectious tune and eclectic influences you can't help but find yourself won over. Anyone searching for something just a little different to the current indie output could do a lot worse than give this band a try.