It's zoo time

Whenever a band has the word punk in their name I have a tendency to get very suspicious, but the second this hit my speakers suspicion turned to curiosity. The album launches with 'Hope' an odd social commentary that grips you-as it's practically pure spoken word. 'Yapolitical' has an African drum beat delivery in vocal rhythm, once again at all angles just interesting as the songs terrain is bumpy and all over the place. 'Controversy' changes the pace once more, mellow and more than a little scary haunting, confirming what I had begun to think-this record is unlike anything else out there. The next few tracks step into techno, underground basement territory-I can imagine a lot of different types of people getting into this. It's the sort of music they used to play in Skate Of Mind stores and is also the kind of music I can imagine Banksy to listen to as he stacks up his cans and works.

'Cockmonsters' continues in the garage vein and continues until the album hits 'Porn Beats' an almost Dizee Rascal meets Zero 7 mash up. 'Monkey TV' is vocally guttural and is a stark contrast to the beatsy 'Bad Apples'. The album ends on the plucked guitar intense 'Do The Right Thing'. This song sees actual singing make its first exposure, and it does make a poignant ending to what is a truly fascinating album. It's certain that punk is about delivery and a message and this is a contemporary narrative from a different perspective, it's interesting and intelligent, but only for the curious.