Cutting it!

Bristol based quintet Undercut appear to have slipped under the critical radar somewhat as prior to this press-release landing on my desk I'd never even read or heard a single word said about them. Hopefully though by the time you've read this review FM Radio will be all over this deliciously meaty slab of driving, anthemic rock that recalls the melodic energy of "The Colour and The Shape" era Foo Fighters.

Introspective extra track "Butterfly" is no slouch either and could easily pass muster on many of the finest alt-rock albums from the past decade. Ian Grimble's production gives the band added bite and vocalist Johnny Benn's Eddie Vedder-ish vox is the band's ace in the pack. This single is a refreshing reminder that good old fashioned rock music can still pack a weighty punch. Hopefully debut album "96 Hours" (due in early Autumn) won't get lost amongst the swathe of haircut bands dominating the upper echelons of the charts as rock music has rarely sounded this good in 2006.