Union of kinve I decline

There's three of them, they're from Glasgow and they're soooo clearly influenced by U2. If I had a quid for every band I've heard that had a bit of the Irish about them, I'd have, well nothing actually, 'cos I'd've spent it on useful stuff like beer or toilet cleaner. Saying that, Union Of Knives take that particular ball and run with it. They run through the entire neighbourhood picking up all the all the mud, tree burrs and toffee papers that can possibly stick to their indy tinged jumpers bringing home a unique mix of electronic filthy beat ridden infectiousness.

For the elderly eclectics among us, I'll say that they've taken the acid rock of the SRC and infused it with electro floor filling beats of DJ Shadow to bring us a steaming plate of Aphex twin type tomfoolery reminiscent of recent Pink Floyd and Can remixes, it's all the rage apparently.