'A song for everybody who has somewhere they call home'

Formed in 2004, the Sheffield-based five-piece Gledhill return with their second single 'Roots', the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut, 'Remain'.

"Roots is a song for everybody who has somewhere they call home. It's about that warm feeling you get in your stomach when the last train rolls into your station and you know you're home," explains lead singer, David Gledhill. Gledhill are certainly not a band who could be accused of setting their sights too low, with the front man asserting that their goal is simply to 'write the biggest, most uplifting, epic songs known to man'. That's one hell of a goal, by anyone's standards.

Yet it seems that with the kind of genuine honesty and emotion and warmth in tracks like 'Roots', it could only be a matter of time before Gledhill really do achieve this. All three tracks on this single positively soar; glowing harmonies, chiming guitars and up tempo rhythms that can't help but uplift and inspire alongside some catchy, heartfelt melodies.

An honest and majestic follow up from a band who seem to firmly believe that home is where the heart is.