Fabrizio Leo - Cutaway

Fabrizio Leo has created a debut album, 'Cut Away' which is bond to shake up the closely-knit guitar community and propel him to stardom in that genre.

Leo has been hailed a new breed of guitar hero who has forged his own style, pack with fantastic melodies which are bound to earn him a place among other great guitarists. The track 'Yeah Vinnie!' pays homage to Vinnie Moore for his artistic inspiration. Leo did most of the work on this album himself, with just a little help from Danilo Citrini as sound engineer and Mike Varney as executive producer. 'Cutaway' was recorded at Leo's home studio, and all songs are written and performed by Leo. Leo's incredible technique is second only to his strong sense of melody and intelligent grooves.

Leo incorporates the fusion/shred style embodied by Greg Howe on his early releases on this release, which is bound to turn heads. This cd is purely for those who like their instrumental music, although saying that I have found it quite pleasant to listen to and it isn't the sort of thing I would usually pick up. Overall I would say this album is impressive for a man that taught himself guitar at the age of sixteen. Judging by this release it's easy to see why Fabrzio Leo has earned a name as one of the best guitarists in Italy and is likely to become one of the great innovators of our time.