Calexico - Bisbee Blue

Calexico release the track 'Bisbee Blue', taken from the album 'Garden Ruin'.

'Bisbee Blue' is a lovely piece of rock, although it sounds like there is something missing from Calexico's sound, I can't put my finger on what it is it just sounds like 'Bisbee Blue' is missing something. Simple acoustic guitar chords backed by banjos, strings and horns drive the song, while Joey Burns voice is coy but sure.

'Bisbee Blue' pays homage to Bisbee, Arizona, and has that nice easygoing vibe about it, which makes it the perfect song for the summer. The song has an environmental twist; the lyrics are aimed at urban sprawl and the depletion of natural resources, although somehow it doubles up nicely as a love song.

So if you're looking for a sprightly little number to listen to on a nice summer evening this is definitely it.