No Lost Talent, Either.

Some albums are listened to, then put away in a drawer and never again see the light of day, or the dark of night. NFD's new album "No Lost Love", however, does not fall into this category. Instead it lands with a crash in the "What the hell was that?!" category that I've just invented.

You see, a typical NFD song is somewhat of a journey. Not an epic Dream Theater journey of emotions, but instead is a path through a swirling vortex of sound - each song peaking with different styles at different points, but the matrix in-between each dizzying peak so intricate that the listener is never lost.

There are, as usual, two songs which I feel your life is horribly disfigured without – ‘Blackened’ and ‘Stronger’. ‘Blackened’ especially emphasizes this pushing, shifting sound which softly cloaks vocalist Peter White's haunting vocals which remind you somewhat of My Dying Bride, which is definitely no bad thing.

Unfortunately, there is one alarmingly disconcerting problem throughout this album- something that holds NFD back from supremacy. Although each song is a different story, none of the songs here really push any boundaries. I mean, there is some unique progressive music here but this is no Scenes From a Memory - this has been done before, and it's just repeated here in a different manner. Yes, it's well done and White's vocals are nice, but is that really enough to satisfy the thinking rocker of today?

NFD are onto something here, something which, with a little tweaking, could bloom into something special. Quite frankly, and band which restore my faith in glam rock are definitely something special, and NFD have done so. Yes, I'd buy this and yes, I'd be happy with it. No, it's nothing unique but it's bloody good. Go grab it.