This is it!

Are This Et Al one of the best new bands in Britain? Quite clearly if you have any common sense you'll respond to such a question in the affirmative. After three sold out limited edition singles in 2005 they return here with their first widely available single on Jealous Records 'Sabbatical'. A brooding rock monster it marries the tuneful with the vicious, imagine if you can a heavier riffing Interpol levelling buildings with shards of post-rock guitar and a bulldozer like rhythm section.

The frantic extra track 'Solemn As My Rifle' is similarly impressive, a flailing At The Drive In-esque rocker it careers along at breakneck pace, hell bent on musical destruction and general mayhem. It's a mystery how these Leeds / Bradford based lads can relegate such a quality tune to the status of extra track. This single is more than ample evidence that This Et Al are big, clever and clearly destined for the rock premier league. This reviewer is no doubt one of many who can hardly wait for the release of debut album 'Baby Machine' later in the year.