Arthur Returns

Not content to have achieved fame as what Vanity Fair described as "one of our most emotionally revealing and talented songwriters", New York-based singer songwriter, Joseph Arthur is about to publish his first book, 'We Almost Made It', documenting some of the paintings and drawings that he has taken to creating during live performances, but not before he returns with another single to taken from last year's critically acclaimed album, 'Our Shadows Will Remain'.

'Can't Exist' is a much more upbeat track than you might be expecting from someone with Arthur's reputation for revealing, emotional honesty; here you'll find shuffling up-tempo drum beats and driving guitars that blur with harsh synthesised sounds and big vocals in the song's noisy chorus. However, fans of melancholic, singer songwriter-types need fear not, as Arthur's characteristically searching and emotive voice is still there to pull on your heartstrings in the more brooding verses.

Fans of Joseph Arthur might also be interested to know that the single, released on 1st May will coincide with his major headline London date on 1st June, that follows up February's sold-out Shepherd's Bush show.