New Zero 7 offering not a throwaway whatsoever, a worthy comeback...

Do songs sound better on the radio or is it just me? 'Throw It All Away' had little effect on this listener until I heard it getting regular airplay on the stations and then it got stuck in the mind after that. Every time it came on it subliminally crept into my subconscious and I'd find my foot tapping and head nodding, then I'd realise 'this is sat on my desk.'

Zero 7's new single is summery and chilled in good measure, like a glass of crisp lemonade on the solstice, it caresses you in all the right places and tickles the bits that are in need of re-awaking, it alerts you to its presence then lulls you into a daze for its duration and you come out of it thinking 'I just experienced something good there, I'm going to have to find out what that was....'