Radio certainly won’t kill these promising stars…

Ludes come from London. You couldn’t tell though, for their wacky ska tinged blues rock looks, smells, sounds and probably tastes a whole lot more exotic. ‘Radio’ is just the type of song you want to prance about your room on a Friday evening before you hit your preferred place of alcohol consumption. Just over three minutes of sassy, sliding, gyrating rock that refuses to let you sit still can be what you need - especially if you’re still up at 3am writing reviews. With so much junk filling up the musical world right now, it’s nice to find a band who are simply happy to amble along to their own tune without a care for those around them.

B-side ‘Spanish Guitar’ is another helping of bouncy rock which makes your soul feel good. Beginning with a slow piano intro, the outlook doesn’t look promising, but as soon as the guitars kick in alongside David Ashby’s quirky vocals, everything fits into place. How such a fantastic b-side came from such a typical story (Supposedly an ode to the Spanish Guitar Matt Alchin began to play on) is a slight mystery but proves that Ludes are one of those bands who simply shine whatever the topic they are singing about. If you can’t resist such fun rock n’roll, you’re not fit to call yourself a rock fan. It might not be big, it night not be clever, but it’s good clean fun.