How many songs will they keep fitting that saxaphone into?

Sadly not a cover of The Monkees hit, 'Valerie' finds the Zutons aping the solo sound of John Lennon with their second single from the 'Tired Of Hanging Around' album. Whilst lacking the commercial edge and stomp of the previous release, there are some spirited flourishes that signify the Zutons will be staying around the charts for a little longer.

Lead singer Dave McCabe doesn't seem to be having the best of luck with the ladies, as this lament for a far away love follows on from a stalking enthused tale and showcases his throaty growl and strained higher end vocals. He may not be the worlds greatest singer but there is an earnest and belief in McCabes vocals and delivery.

All the standard Zutons reference points are here, the saxophone fills, the backing vocals and hand-claps and non-descript bass all pepper the track without distinguishing themselves much. Thankfully the ringing guitar motif at the end of the lines coupled with a sturdy classic rock riff in the chorus steals the show and the song chugs away quite nicely and will easily fill the summer airwaves and is sure to be a clap-along favourite at any festival appearance.

No doubt another chart placing awaits for a band who don't stand out much but they certainly don't offend or annoy too much.