The Bunnymen Strike Back

Often cited as one of the influences on Coldplay, it is great to see post punks Echo and the Bunnymen return with a superb single off their new album the critically acclaimed, 'Siberia'.

'Scissors In The Sand' is the classic Bunnymen sound circa the 80s with Ian McCulloch's swaggering crooning voice backed up by the inevitable Will Sergeant on with his swirling guitar. This is the indie sound that made them so famous originally and a very much welcome return it is too. This is a surprisingly forceful song more like what we had come to expect from them in the mid 80s.

Also on the single are the tracks 'In The Margins' and 'Villiers Terrace', both songs are live recordings, with 'In The Margins' being a brand new offering from the band. Again very much in the vain of their Indian Summer, the single is worth wandering out and spending a couple of quid on.