A Thoroughly Nice Guy

Jake Searson's album 'Truth And Lies' arrived in April and caused a bit of a stir, now the 20-year-old cheeky chappy releases his new single 'Nice Guy'.

This filthy little number is bound to raise a few smiles over the summer; this is a cheeky and lighthearted look at the classic scenario of a guy falling for a girl, while the girl falls for another guy. 'Nice Girl' sounds more like an Offspring number more than the mosh pit inducing anthems he has previously released, which is bound to win him over some new fans.

This comedic piece of rock also sees Searson sing in a cockney accent, which is kind of amusing in itself. If you're looking for a novelty song to sing on boozy nights out this is definitely the one to go for, but just remember behind all the obscenities of this song, he's a nice guy really.