Another Greatest Hit

The definitive best-of collection from country-rock legends whose ubiquity on 70s rock radio was buoyed by enormous hits such as 'Hotel California', 'Lyin' Eyes' and 'One Of These Nights' and ensured that two of their albums are among the top ten sellers of all time. This double CD set includes the above tracks as well as 'Witchy Woman', 'On The Border', 'Desperado', 'New Kid In Town' and their new single 'Hole In The World'.

As you listen to the album it is amazing how many tunes that you really do recognise. Some have that distinctive Nashville flavour of country rock; some more laboured rock and roll. But the album is a musical journey of thirty-three tracks, taking a potted history of the band. Well actually if you buy this collection you get a lovely deluxe book that gives you a track by track commentary I know you just can't wait!

This is a great way to be introduced to the music of the Eagles, and is a great collection of songs for those who have a wide and varied taste in music. But if you are looking for an introduction to their music this is the album for you. I think this is the sort of album that you could put on a long journey and have a relaxed trip singing along to the tunes.