Alternative rock with emotional honestly laid bare...

When you hear the passionate alternative rock of The Cedar Falls it's hard to believe that this talented five-piece are still unsigned. Citing their influences as Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden, The Cedar Falls formed back in late 2004 from the remnants of their previous Somerset-based bands and spent 2005 working on the three tracks featured here with long-time friend and producer Mark Williams (Fightstar, Million Dead, Yourcodenameis:milo, Aconite Thrill, Nine Black Alps); now they're ready to show the UK their new take on British rock music

'Our Angels Wait' and 'The Wire Also' are both examples of high-octane, passion driven alternative rock, hard-edged and explosive, yet laced with melody in vocalist Jay's rich, uplifting tones and intensely powerful choruses, while the pounding drums add a thinly veiled layer of underlying aggression. 'Easy To Float', meanwhile, is slower, subtler, laying bare its intense emotional honesty with more of those strong vocals and affecting and memorable melodies.

The three tracks here showcase perfectly this band's ability to be both heavy and emotionally intense; it's hard to believe that a band with such likeable melodies and passionate hard-edged alternative rock sound can remain unsigned.